Python application framework
Built for projects with numerous developers
Focused on fast project setups and highly reusable code modules
Published for companies under MIT license

Technical Documentation
Source Code


Multi team support
Clear responsibilities for code, tests and documentations

Fast project setups
Own recipes for specific project needs

High code reusability
Fast reuse of existing code for new projects

Low learning curve
Focused interfaces and strong documentation for fast learning

Best practices included
Based on common, mostly used Python libraries

Full control
Access to many application variables during runtime


groundwork is a free, Python based application framework. It is developed by and designed for cross company development teams. It brings clear structures, reusable code modules and real time overviews about nearly every application variable.

groundwork's architecture is based on exchangeable plugins and extensible patterns allowing dynamic recombination of code modules.

groundwork's community provides solutions for web application, database support and more.

Batteries included

Integrated libraries
groundwork integrates some of the most common Python packages and makes their functions available under an easy to learn application interface

Command line support

Signals and Receivers

Project recipes

Integrated Buildsystem

Documentation generation

Test environment

Supported Cloud Services
groundwork provides configurations for great cloud services, which are all free for open-source projects

Continuous Integration

Test Coverage Reports

Documentation Publication

Libraries used by community packages
groundwork uses additional, well-known libraries inside its additional packages.

Web pages

SQL database support

Community Packages

groundwork is designed to be easily extensible by additional plugins and patterns.
Most of them are free available as Python package on the Python Package Index.

Groundwork Web

Create web sites, manage servers or administer applications via web panels.

Groundwork Database

Create, access, monitor and manage databases.

Groundwork Utilities

Manage system resources.